Britain Takes Care of Assange

Notional Hardship

Some have taken exception to his prisoner status enduring throughout and there is an insurgent theme of conditions being inhumane. Even the International Bar Association succumbed to misinformation by saying it “condemns UK treatment” of Assange.

Fitting Punishment

In May 2019, Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, issued a report to the UK government, detailing action on its part that “amounts to psychological torture.”

Voluntary Inertia

Withering under siege in Knightsbridge was of course entirely optional, as may be demonstrated through the figure of a rabbit indisposed to hounds barking at its hole. If hoping to escape trauma, meet some bodily need or follow any sundry urge, it remains free to take its chances with being ingested. All that prevents it hopping toward lively jaws are signals from its tiny brain. Ergo, nothing detains it unless enveloped in the same fur.

Due Perspective

It ought to be remembered that officers only wanted this fugitive in their custody and thus kept from moving past them, even by way of a round trip to hospital. That cannot be detainment, which is always where an enforcer most prefers.


Bail violation occurs through failure to meet indicated requirements, like reporting at a police station, without what is known as reasonable cause. Such notice was indeed served to Assange in writing upon his tenth day of domicile under jurisdiction of Ecuador. Yet he never emerged to attend or thus make any estimable claim that the universal right to seek asylum is reasonable.

Profound Carelessness

Assange entirely neglected to arrange for evidence to be presented by himself or his team, who were extremely late. Moreover, that perfect shambles was little more than an hour since the shock of being disenfranchised without notice and carted off to trial. It is thereby assured that nothing could ever drive him or those in his train to take responsibility.

The Big Picture

Just prior to dispatch of the letter above, a magistrate applied for parole on his behalf, to preemptively quash it and hold him for the Trump administration on remand.

Unappreciated Justice

Assange first applied for bail when his unprecedented 50-week sentence expired, more than a year ago. But vulnerability to Covid19 in jail with a chronic lung issue and other presumed hardship were outweighed by risk of some new country affording him asylum. Though infinitesimal, the likelihood of such a jolt to national dignity if not security was of course intolerable. The entire English-speaking world is yet to recover from his first diplomatic windfall.

Baseless Indignation

Persecution has nothing more to do with Assange’s extradition than it did with his being granted or stripped of asylum. Resolutely ignorant of this, Melzer compiles “evidence” of nations “mobbing” a publisher. For a leading expert to style a report on such lines is anomalous, in ways that need attention from a range of academics.



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