Reflections on Our Dearly Abiding Friend Lucifer

Good vs Evil

The aforementioned great invocation from Bailey ends with the expression “seal the door where evil dwells,” referring to the crux of a present battle on Earth between forces of light and darkness.

Infowar is Spiritual War

The picture is thus fundamentally of the influence of ideas upon humanity, which is torn between darkness and light on mental and emotional levels, largely because of what has dominated the relevant infowar content on the physical plane.

Semantically Misguided Accusations

So do we have any grounds for laying blame on Blavatsky or Bailey for the diabolical Great Reset of transhumanist technocrats like Klaus Schwab, or revolting displays like this ceremony dominated by satanic imagery which occasioned the Gottard Tunnel opening in the Swiss alps?

A Tale of Two Trinities: Motion, Consciousness and Matter vs Evil, Ignorance and Stupidity

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, correspond respectively to power, love and light in the aforementioned Great Invocation and specifically in H.T.Laurency’s terminology, to the aspects of motion, consciousness and matter.


Further on the topic of planets, the word ‘Satan’ also has a non-trivial connection with Saturn.

Summary on Lucifer and Satan

The Bible, poetically or otherwise, uses Satan and the devil, but never Lucifer, to synonymously refer to, consistently or otherwise, an archetypal evil individual.

Moral of Story

Orwell has Winston say in 1984 that “Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4. If that is granted all else follows.” This conversely implies that all oppression is ultimately oppression of expressing serviceable insight. Stupid assumption and dogmatism are the lifeblood of harmful deeds and that is why mental oppression is often more serious than physical oppression, which ultimately results from nothing else. Every curtailment of freedom which is neither natural nor fully justified is proportionately due to applied stupidity and none of the latter’s instances fail to oppress in some regard.



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