Religious Crap

2 min readOct 23, 2022


Personality implies immanence and thus logically excludes absolute transcendence. Hence there is no absolutely transcendent personal (or therefore strictly non-metaphorical) god of the classically monotheistic type.

Neither personal nor absolutely transcendent deity is thereby addressed, however, except insofar as it can never be categorically both at once. Moreover, so long as godhood is predicated in this respect, there is nothing inherently wrong with the notion of it and arguably much of value.

That is perhaps the primary reason why cultures have long indulged the relevant ideas and should perhaps continue to, albeit with the proviso just given, as distinct from punishment for such “heretical” qualification.

The concept of trinity lessens related persecutory tension to a considerable degree, by profoundly differentiating between more transcendent and personal godhoods. None would deny the notion is a mystery and I do think all mysteries are ultimately to be solved, yet these could simultaneously be good things.

I find vast merit in descriptions like the grand geometrican or architect of the universe, yet our fractured and largely decomposing era, somewhat populated by grubs, might do better in various ways with emerging reverence for the Great Gardener of Earth. Moreover, such gives place for appreciation of duly applied fertilizer and therefore scope for deeper and more salutary understanding of precisely how and why shit happens.

This only sets the stage, however, for any anticipated developments. Or perhaps that metaphor is too metropolitan and merely useful as the necessary sedge to a more thematic one, like turning the first clod.

The spectacle is therefore not much to behold at this point. Indeed, it is anything but glamorous. It’s only merit is an arguably viable promise, with no other present reward.

Perhaps that is precisely as it should be, as a lesson in the difference between contemplation and blithe consumption.

I accordingly suggest re-reading, however many times will seem appropriate.

Or just skip onto whatever.




Were anyone to discover the whole truth, they would sadly find it offends all parties.