Virtual Conspiracies Could Be Worse than Real Ones

2 min readNov 29, 2022

Blood, guts, abuse and trauma will all be more or less the same till the battle is won for good at the level of ideas and then, as an eventual result, on emotional and physical levels.

In the meantime, confluence of agendas will have a very similar effect to comprehensive planning.

For instance, spooks exploring and extending modes of domestic control via media, might align with World Economic Forum meta-analyses and big pharma seeking greater profit. As outcomes of this arrangement constantly feed back into its processes, everyone just bumbles, angles or errs on the side of what amounts to a virtual conspiracy.

To further illustrate, simulations and preparedness events at the intersection of such interests are likely to be anticipated, scheduled, run and then exploited to establish precedents, with many of such details outlined in speculative articles published years before they play out.

Similar things could be said regarding guilds, banks, exclusive clubs, industries, militaries and the usual suspects like Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, etc.

None of this trivialises or makes the problem less approachable. It is simply one basis for clarifying why demonisation is an unhelpful approach.

Just as for animals, whose behaviour is less intensely personal, human nature, at a collective level that both informs and animates every individual, is a tragic amalgam of the parochial, banal, demonic and angelic.

Final triumph of the latter for the relevant individual distinguishes complete synthesis of these aspects, according to esotericians who thus regard it as marking passage from the human kingdom to a higher one.




Were anyone to discover the whole truth, they would sadly find it offends all parties.