Why AI Can Never be Sentient


Tangential to this conclusion, as opposed to motivating or informing it, is my impression that it may not be genuine. What makes that seem likely is just how neatly, conveniently and economically the “transcript” weaves together every pivotal philosophical and psychological theme it possibly could, as if it were PR for transhumanism, without straying far from the basic setting.

Penultimate Appendix

A few have considered that there is a certain E, called epiphenomenal consciousness, which lies between F and M in that it is metaphysically identical to M with respect to passive experience, but lacks any volitional efficacy, sharing the causal impotence and redundancy of F.

Moral of Story

The underlying F/M confusion runs in both directions, such that people incoherently pretend that M can somehow just be physical, as well as get depressed that there can only really be F. Perhaps worst of all, they sometimes get to thinking that M, or at least their identity by way of the entirety of F, can be uploaded, owned by robots etc.



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